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Conveying the right or intended message is the utmost objective of authors, but at times due to a lack of consistency in language and style, a book might not have the desired impact on readers, and its essence might get lost. The difference between a best seller and the rest is often the proper construction and presentation of engaging content. Editing is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that requires a specialist.

No matter how good a writer you are, it’s always advisable to have another set of eyes review your work, preferably one who can identify errors be it in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure or in the general flow and organization of text. An outsider’s perspective often helps in improving the content, without changing the essence of the book, thereby enhancing its readability and adding to its professionalism.

Buuks Editorial Services comes with editorial skills that are rich in knowledge and experience that powerfully combine to deliver a very high quality of work, thus maximizing your book’s readability.

This service is centered around ensuring a manuscript’s grammar and language use, including sentence structure, and adherence to established conventions of the English language, which are admittedly quite flexible. Second, the manuscript is also edited to conform to an established style that while allowing flexibility in language use it also defines punctuation rules and spelling conventions. Grammar mistakes along with storyline inconsistencies and factual errors are addressed in copyediting. It relates to spellings, identifying repetitive content, references, grammar, punctuations, syntax, tables, images, overall clarity, cross-checking etc. Request a Quote

This level of service takes a bird’s-eye view of the overall structure, organization, and presentation of the text. The level of intervention goes beyond paragraphs to entire sections. The editing tasks remain the same, but the focus is on the forest rather than on the trees, and the editing priorities are adjusted accordingly. Request a Quote

We offer this service to perfect an already good writing—our sole focus during this process being on catching and correcting surface errors in written language that are rarely expected to go beyond grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you are already satisfied with the quality of your writing, then you will find proofreading to be a more appropriate service suited to your needs rather than a full-fledged editing service. Request a Quote

In indexing, we work to ensure that every topic or section has relevant index entries. We also strive to understand the target audience of the book to know the entries likely to be searched for in the index. We can adhere to standard indexing conventions or follow any author-requested convention. Request a Quote